Holiday Classic 2019
*Schedule is Subject to Change*
Dec. 7
Ring 1- Large Oval
Saturday 8a.m.
W2Jumper Warm-up Saturday
2010.60m Open Jumpers
2020.60m Open Jumpers
2040.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
2050.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
302.1Elementary CT Open Jumping 18-2′
301.1Elementary CT Jr/Am Jumping 18-2′
304.1Starter CT Open Jumping 2′-2’3
303.1Starter CT Jr/Am Jumping 2′-2’3
2070.70m Open Jumpers
2080.70m Open Jumpers
2100.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
2110.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
306.1Beg Novice CT Open Jumping 2’3-2’6
305.1Beg Novice CT Jr/Am Jumping 2’3-2’6
2130.75m Open Jumpers
2140.75m Open Jumpers
2160.75m Jr/Am Jumpers
2170.75m Jr/Am Jumpers
2190.80m Open Jumpers
2200.80m Open Jumpers
2220.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
2230.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
2250.95m Open Jumpers
2260.95m Open Jumpers
2280.95m Jr/Am Jumpers
2290.95m Jr/Am Jumpers
308.1Novice CT Open Jumping 2’6-2’11
307.1Novice CT Jr/Am Jumping 2’6-2’11
2311.00m Open Jumpers
2321.00m Open Jumpers
2341.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
2351.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
310.1Training CT Open Jumping 2’11-3’3
309.1Training CT Jr/Am Jumping 2’11-3’3
2371.10m Open Jumpers
2381.10m Open Jumpers
2401.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
2411.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
702Spirit of a Champion
243Jumper Stakes Warm-up
244$1,500 Jumper Stakes 1.00m
5:30pm Saturday Night Trainer-Jockey Calcutta Party
Ring 2 – Small Oval
Saturday 8a.m.
W1Hunter Warm-Up Saturday
111Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
112Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
118Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
119Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
123Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
124Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
122Open Cross Rail Hunters Course U/S
115Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around U/S
127Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course U/S
142Open 2′ Hunters Course
143Open 2′ Hunters Course
147Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
148Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
151Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course U/S
154Open 2’3 Hunters
155Open 2’3 Hunters
159Jr/Am 2’3 Hunters
160Jr/Am 2’3 Hunters
600Adult Am 50 & Up 2’3 Hunters
601Adult Am 50 & Up 2’3 Hunters
158Open 2’3 Hunters U/S
163Jr/Am 2’3 Hunters U/S
166Open 2’6 Hunters
167Open 2’6 Hunters
171Jr/Am 2’6 Hunters
172Jr/Am 2’6 Hunters
170Open 2’6 Hunters U/S
175Jr/Am 2’6 Hunters U/S
178Open 3′ Hunters
179Open 3′ Hunters
183Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
184Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
182Open 3′ Hunters U/S
187Jr/Am 3′ Hunters U/S
Dec. 8
Ring 1 – Large Oval
Sunday 8a.m.
W4Jumper Warm Up Sunday
704Available Horse Showcase
700Thoroughbred Showmanship
701War Horse Showmanship
101English Pleasure Walk Trot
102TIP English Pleasure Walk Trot
103English Pleasure WTC
104TIP English Pleasure WTC
2030.60m Open Jumpers
203A0.60m Open Jumpers
2060.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
206A0.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
2090.70m Open Jumpers
209A0.70m Open Jumpers
2120.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
212A0.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
2150.75m Open Jumpers
215A0.75m Open Jumpers
2180.75m Jr/Am Jumpers
218A0.75m Jr/Am Jumpers
2210.80m Open Jumpers
221A0.80m Open Jumpers
2240.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
224A0.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
2270.95m Open Jumpers
227A0.95m Open Jumpers
2300.95m Jr/Am Jumpers
230A0.95m Jr/Am Jumpers
2331.0m Open Jumpers
233A1.0m Open Jumpers
2361.0m Jr/Am Jumpers
236A1.0m Jr/Am Jumpers
2391.10 Open Jumpers
239A1.10 Open Jumpers
2421.10 Jr/Am Jumpers
242A1.10 Jr/Am Jumpers
501Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
502TIP Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
503Western Pleasure Walk/Jog/Lope
504TIP Western Pleasure Walk/Jog/Lope
Ring 2 – Small Oval
Sunday 7:30a.m.
196Hunter Derby Warm Up
197$1,500 Hunter Derby 2’6 & 3′
W3Hunter Warm Up Sunday
113Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
116Jr/Am Cross Rail 2X Around Equitation O/F
120Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
125Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
128Jr/Am Cross Rail Course Equitation O/F
117Jr/Am Cross Rail 2X Around Equitation Flat
129Jr/Am Cross Rail Course Equitation Flat
1052′  Hunter Hack
144Open 2′ Hunters Course
149Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
152Jr/Am 2′ Equitation Course O/F
190TCHS 2′ Jr/Am Medal
153Jr/Am 2′ Equitation Course Flat
156Open 2’3 Hunters
161Jr/Am 2’3 Hunters
602Adult Am Over 50 2’3 Hunters
164Jr/Am 2’3 Equitation O/F
604Adult Am Over 50 2’3 Hunters Flat
165Jr/Am 2’3 Equitation Flat
168Open 2’6 Hunters
169Open 2’6 Handy Hunters
173Jr/Am 2’6 Hunters
174Jr/Am 2’6 Handy Hunters
176Jr/Am 2’6 Equitation O/F
191TCHS 2’6 Jr/Am Medal
177Jr/Am 2’6 Equitation Flat
180Open 3′ Hunters
181Open 3′ Handy Hunters
185Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
186Jr/Am 3′ Handy Hunters
188Jr/Am 3′ Equitation O/F
192TCHS 3′ Jr/Am Medal
189Jr/Am 3′ Equitation Flat
193TCHS Jr/Am Flat Medal
198TCHS Pro/Am Equitation Medal
Sunday 8a.m. 
*Dressage class entries completed by 12pm on Friday 12/6 have priority to select their own ride times. Entries not submitted by 12pm on Saturday 12/7 will be assigned ride times by show office. Test must be declared at time of entry.*
301Elementary CT Jr/Am 2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A
302Elementary CT Open 2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A
303Starter CT Jr/Am 2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A
304Starter CT Open  2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A
305Beginning Novice CT Jr/Am 2018 USEF Beginner Novice Eventing Test B
306Beginning Novice CT Open 2018 USEF Beginner Novice Eventing Test B
307Novice CT Jr/Am 2018 USEF Novice Eventing Test A
308Novice CT Open 2018 USEF Novice Eventing Test A
309Training CT Jr/Am 2018 USEF Training Eventing Test A
310Training CT Open 2018 USEF Training Eventing Test A
401USDF Introductory Test A Jr/Am
402USDF Introductory Test B Jr/Am
403USDF Introductory Test C Jr/Am
404USEF Training Level Test 1 Jr/Am
405USEF Training Level Test 1 Open
406USEF Training Level Test 2 Jr/Am
407USEF Training Level Test 2 Open
408USEF Training Level Test 3 Jr/Am
409USEF Training Level Test 3 Open
410USEF First Level Test 1 Jr/Am
411USEF First Level Test 1 Open
412USEF First Level Test 2 Jr/Am
413USEF First Level Test 2 Open
414USEF First Level Test 3 Jr/Am
415USEF First Level Test 3 Open
416USEF Second Level Test 1 Jr/Am
417USEF Second Level Test 1 Open
418USEF Second Level Test 2 Jr/Am
419USEF Second Level Test 2 Open
420USEF Second Level Test 3 Jr/Am
421USEF Second Level Test 3 Open
422USEF Third Level Test of Choice Jr/Am
423USEF Third Level Test of Choice Open
424USEF Fourth Level Test of Choice Jr/Am
425USEF Fourth Level Test of Choice Open
426$1,000 Dressage Challenge
509Western Dressage Intro Level Test 1 Jr/Am
512Western Dressage Basic Level Test 1 Jr/Am
513Western Dressage Basic Level Test 1 Open
518Western Dressage Level 1 Test 1 Jr/Am
519Western Dressage Level 1 Test 1 Open