Galway 2020

*Schedule is Subject to Change*

Hunter Ring
Saturday 8am
W1Hunter Warm Up
103Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
104Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
152Jr/Am Cross Rail Equitation 2X Around
107Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
108Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
111Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
112Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
154Jr/Am Cross Rail Equitation Course
115Open 2′ Hunters Course
116Open 2′ Hunters Course
119Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
120Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
156Jr/Am 2′ Equitation Course
123Open 2’3″ Hunters
124Open 2’3″ Hunters
127Jr/Am 2’3″ Hunters
128Jr/Am 2’3″ Hunters
158Jr/Am 2’3″ Equitation O/F
131Open 2’6″ Hunters
132Open 2’6″ Hunters
134Open 2’6″ Handy Hunters
136Jr/Am 2’6″ Hunters
137Jr/Am 2’6″ Hunters
160Jr/Am 2’6″ Equitation O/F
139Jr/Am 2’6″ Handy Hunters
141Open 3′ Hunters
142Open 3′ Hunters
144Open 3′ Handy Hunters
146Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
147Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
149Jr/Am 3′ Handy Hunters
162Jr/Am 3′ Equitation O/F
Jumper Ring
Saturday 8am
W2Jumper Warm-Up
201.60m Open Jumpers
202.60m Open Jumpers
205.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
206.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
302Elementary CT Open Stadium Jumping
301Elementary CT Jr/Am Stadium Jumping
209.70m Open Jumpers
210.70m Open Jumpers
213.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
214.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
304Starter CT Open Stadium Jumping
303Starter CT Open Stadium Jumping
217.80m Open Jumpers
218.80m Open Jumpers
221.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
222.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
306Beginner Novice CT Open Stadium Jumping
305Beginner Novice CT Jr/Am Stadium Jumping
225.90m Open Jumpers
226.90m Open Jumpers
229.90m Jr/Am Jumpers
230.90m Jr/Am Jumpers
308Novice CT Open Stadium Jumping
307Novice CT Jr/Am Stadium Jumping
2331.00m Open Jumpers
2341.00m Open Jumpers
2371.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
2381.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
2411.10m Open Jumpers
2421.10m Open Jumpers
2451.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
2461.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
2501.20m Open Jumpers
2491.20m Open Jumpers
2531.20m Jr/Am Jumpers
2541.20m Jr/Am Jumpers
702Spirit of a Champion
243Jumper Stakes Warm Up
244$1,500 1.00m Jumper Stakes
Dressage Court
Saturday 8am
DRESSAGE ride times are selected by exhibitors upon arrival Friday (3/20). Those competing in COMBINED TRAINING have first priority to pick their ride time in an effort to prevent conflicting schedules with the jumper ring. Entries not submitted by 4pm Friday will be randomly assigned ride times.
501Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
503Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
505Barrel Race Walk/Jog
506Barrel Race Lope
507Pole Bending Walk/Jog
508Pole Bending Lope
Hunter Ring
Sunday 8am
151Hunter Derby Warm Up
152$1,500 Hunter Derby 2’6″ & 3′
705Available Horse Showcase
704Halter Showmanship
701Spirit of a Champion
101English Pleasure Walk/Trot
102English Pleasure Walk/Trot/Canter
W3Hunter Warm Up
105Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around
113Open Cross Rail Hunters Course
109Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course
114Open Cross Rail Hunters Course U/S
106Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters 2X Around U/S
110Jr/Am Cross Rail Hunters Course U/S
153Jr/Am Cross Rail Equitation 2X Around U/S
155Jr/Am Cross Rail Equitation Course U/S
117Open 2′ Hunters Course
121Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course
118Open 2′ Hunters Course U/S
122Jr/Am 2′ Hunters Course U/S
157Jr/Am 2′ Equitation Course U/S
125Open 2’3″ Hunters
129Jr/Am 2’3″ Hunters
126Open 2’3″ Hunters U/S
130Jr/Am 2’3″ Hunters U/S
159Jr/Am 2’3″ Equitation U/S
133Open 2’6″ Hunters
138Jr/Am 2’6″ Hunters
135Open 2’6″ Hunters U/S
140Jr/Am 2’6″ Hunters U/S
161Jr/Am 2’6″ Equitation U/S
143Open 3′ Hunters
148Jr/Am 3′ Hunters
145Open 3′ Hunters U/S
150Jr/Am 3′ Hunters U/S
163Jr/Am 3′ Equitation U/S
Jumper Ring
Sunday 8am
203.60m Open Jumpers
204.60m Open Jumpers
207.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
208.60m Jr/Am Jumpers
211.70m Open Jumpers
212.70m Open Jumpers
215.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
216.70m Jr/Am Jumpers
219.80m Open Jumpers
220.80m Open Jumpers
223.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
224.80m Jr/Am Jumpers
227.90m Open Jumpers
228.90m Open Jumpers
231.90m Jr/Am Jumpers
232.90m Jr/Am Jumpers
2351.00m Open Jumpers
2361.00m Open Jumpers
2391.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
2401.00m Jr/Am Jumpers
2431.10m Open Jumpers
2441.10m Open Jumpers
2471.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
2481.10m Jr/Am Jumpers
2511.20m Open Jumpers
2521.20m Open Jumpers
2551.20m Jr/Am Jumpers
2561.20m Jr/Am Jumpers
Cross Country Course
Sunday 10am
801Cross Country Introductory .60m
802Cross Country Beginner Novice .80m
803Cross Country Novice .90
804$1,500 Event Challenge