Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility restrictions for the Thoroughbred Classic?

To compete, the horse must be full Thoroughbred. Jockey Club papers and/or a lip tattoo number are the preferred but there are other ways to be eligible:

  • The Jockey Club Registered name of your horse’s sire or dam
  • Name of the Breeder or Farm where your horse was obtain
  • Name of the Aftercare Organization in which your horse was adopted

If you have any questions, please contact us:

What is the criteria for the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P)?

To compete in TIP classes, a horse must have one of the following criteria met.

  • The Jockey Club Certificate of Foal Registration (or similar document from a foreign stud book) or a copy thereof; OR
  • The horse’s lip tattoo, the horse’s 5-cross pedigree and the successful tattoo lookup result from The Jockey Club’s Tattoo Identification Services, (; OR
  • A letter from The Jockey Club verifying the horse’s identity. For a small fee, the Jockey Club can DNA type any horse born after 2001.

How do I obtain a Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) Number?

A TIP number must be obtained by going to > T.I.P. Number.

A TIP number must be obtained for each horse/rider combination. Ex: If Trainer and Owner are both riding the same horse, each rider must obtain their own TIP for that horse.

Can I register for the show online?

Yes! You can register for the show through

 Can I bring a non-Thoroughbred to the show?

Yes! We allowed a limited number of Non-Thoroughbreds to ride unjudged rounds. The non-Thoroughbred must be apart of a barn with a Thoroughbred competing in the show. Please contact us for additional information as this is often a case by case basis.

What are the class fees?

For current show fees please see the latest Premium.

What is the Horse Biography Form and do I need to complete it?

The Horse Biography Form provides us with some basic background information on your horse, how you came to meet, and what you do like to do together. Please complete a biography form for your horse prior to the start of the show. The biography forms shall be emailed to or turned in to the horse show office. Please help us share your horse’s story with spectators and help illustrate a Thoroughbred’s versatility and spirit.

Where do I find the Horse Biography Form?

Click here to get the Horse Biography Form.