The Thoroughbred Classic Horse Shows (TCHS) are open only to Thoroughbred horses both raced and non-raced. It is our goal to be as inclusive as possible. If you have any questions, please email lucinda@carma4horses.org.


Jockey Club Papers and/or tattoos are ideal, but we understand not all Thoroughbreds are tattooed and papers get lost.

Your horse is still eligible if you can provide the following:

  1. Jockey Club Registered Sire’s Name of your Thoroughbred, and/or;
  2. Name of private breeder or farm where the horse was obtained, and/or;
  3. The name of the Aftercare Organization from where the horse was adopted

At the discretion of TCHS management, a horse’s identification will be verified by reading lip tattoos and/or reviewing identifying paperwork. Any horse that is identified as not said horse will immediately be disqualified; prior prizes revoked, and will forfeit any refund of all fees. In case of an error in identification, final decision is up to TCHS management.

Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) Number
To compete in the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) classes, a TIP number must be obtained for each horse/rider combination, and the horse must have one of the following criteria met:

  • The Jockey Club Certificate of Foal Registration (or similar document from a foreign stud book) or a copy thereof; OR
  • The horse’s lip tattoo, the horse’s 5-cross pedigree and the successful tattoo lookup result from The Jockey Club’s Tattoo Identification Services. Visit http://www.registry.jockeyclub.com OR
  • A letter from The Jockey Club verifying the horse’s identity. For a small fee the Jockey Club can DNA type any horse born after 2001.

A TIP number may be obtained at www.tjctip.com.